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The situation was compared by one Cannock resident as ‘just like Mad Max’. The dystopian post-apocalyptic West Midlands has become a wasteland, it’s residents scavengers, fighting not for food or shelter but…recycling bins. Not even Mel Gibson could save us from this one.

Undermining all the council’s efforts to get everyone recycling, recycling boxes across Birmingham and the West Midlands are being stolen. But who are these emotionless, motiveless psychopaths whom take their pleasure in stealing our precious boxes?

According to the Cannock Chase newspaper from five years ago, it’s families desperate to recycle who are confused by the council’s taxing recycling rules. However, that was five years ago, and with the general populace more aquainted with recycling procedures, surely that can’t still be the problem? So again, what is driving these seemingly random acts of theft that are undermining recycling schemes? Perhaps we’ll never know.

One issue we can address with more than guesswork is the council’s reaction to this problem. Their website simply states you can call a number and recieve a new box. However, this contradicts information I’ve recieved from residents. Jade Rance has called a number of times, as well as her housemates, and been directed through numerous departments, with the council not seeming to understand the issue. I’m sure she isn’t the only one who’s gone through this.

It all seems a bit comical, but ultimately it means residents aren’t recycling simply because any box they put out is being stolen. I plan on chasing up this issue and contacting the council, but for now, if you have any stories or experiences relating to stolen recycling boxes, please leave a comment or get in touch.

Meanwhile, it’s every man for himself…



  1. Did you get any good responses for this? We could ask for help on Twitter again if need be.

    • I’ve got quite a few good horror stories, most involving people stealing other people’s rather than bothering with the council, which probably makes the problem even worse. Gonna go ahead and email the council either tonight or tomorrow so I’ll keep you updated!

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