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These folks are coming to Birmingham on the 20th March to give everyone training on how to join an eco-team:

In what seems to be a bit of a theme with this blog recently, ‘eco teams’ are groups of people in the same community who come together and ‘measure’ their environmental impact each week (i.e energy used, water and most importantly, how much you recycled). It’s a bit like an environmental Weight Watchers from what I can gather, with cutting your carbon footprint the focus instead of shifting a few pounds.

I’ve got a bit more looking into the group to do, but it from their website it appears they already have a huge following of 30,000 members already. They’re also endorsed by the United Nations, so they are clearly quite serious.

I mocked the council’s ‘recycling champions’ idea a bit with my last post, but I think I may to break out the condiments and prepare for some my-own-words soup. If 30,000 people have signed up to a similar scheme already, then maybe this whole voluntary community recycling idea isn’t so bad after all. Would you ever consider joining such a scheme?


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