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Rien. Niets. Nichts. Niente. Nada.  Ничего. Τίποτα. 何も. Nothing.

That’s nothing in nine different languages, and it’s precisely what I’ve recieved in help from anyone I’ve tried to contact regarding Birmingham City Council’s Recycling Champions. I’ve tried heads of recycling, the actual email address used to request info about Recycling Champions (which is a bit odd), and representatives of various constituencies around Birmingham. Still, nothing.
At first, I thought maybe BCC’s brand new recycling website would have amended the recycling champions issue, maybe even have got rid of it. But nope, there it is. Still there. Still lacking in any real information.

As a journalist, it’s frustrating to be finding constant dead-ends to a story, but what about people genuinely interested in becoming a recycling champion? Am I just a journalistic nuisance, or does everyone who wants info on the recycling champions get ignored?
I realise these people are busy, and if they’ve seen this blog then they might see I haven’t been their biggest supporter. But nevertheless, you can’t just not respond to criticism or genuine information requests. It sadly means my story will provide no answers, just continue the never-ending quest to find out what is going on with the recycling champions scheme.


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