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I’ve finally solved what must be the biggest mystery since The Da Vinci Code, and I wasn’t even chased by albino monks; I’ve found recycling champions! 86 of them no less!

Yep, they exist, and there is quite a lot of them. However…none of them are in Birmingham. Nope, all 86 of them come from either Cheltenham and Cambridge, whose officials were far more helpful and quick to respond to my requests for information than Birmingham City Council. Many thanks to Mark Buckton of Cambridge and Mike Harrison of Cheltenham for providing me with details.

So why does these places have so much success, and Birmingham appears to have none? Well, it could be due to campaigning and the process of appealing to potential champions. Far from just advertising on their website and a couple of blogs, Cambridge launched a full-on assault to recruit, putting up posters, talking to community groups and setting up stalls at community events. Mark Buckton sums it up by saying: “I have found the only way to get people to come forward is to be proactive and get out and talk to people and explain the scheme to them.”

It’s a shame Birmingham City Council have been so reluctant to respond when their peers have been so quick to tell me about their successes. Their silence suggests alot about the success of the scheme.
This is probably going to be my last post about the recycling champions as I have now been moved onto the Elections team for Birmingham Recycled, meaning I’ll probably be pestering local officials about all sorts of other stuff instead. If anyone does see a recycling champion though, let me know as it’d be good to report on some success in Birmingham for once.


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