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Beginning with a random clip from a cult Michael Douglas film eh? Bit pretensious of me! However, it’s more an excuse for me not blogging for a while, as well as allowing me to post one of the funniest scene’s in cinematic history. Anyway, me and Mikey D share something in common; we’ve both been feeling alot of pressure. Except I didn’t quite pull an uzi on a packed out McDonalds. Quite.

It’s fair to say it’s been a nightmare couple of weeks, and I’ve been pretty much weighed down by deadlines, meaning I haven’t had much time to dedicate to the blog and not much time to get you all scared that some random urchin is going to steal your recycling apparatus or that David Cameron is going to build a nuclear power station in your back garden (on that note, it’s funny how D-Cam went from nuclear power as ‘last resort’ to fast-tracking it). Never fear, I’m back now!

Anyway, I’ve been playing about with interactivity. I’ve been messing around with Yahoo! Pipes, but WordPress won’t allow me to post those results so you’ll have to just take my word for it. I also had a go at a timeline, but then realised I didn’t really have anything interesting enough for people to track through.

Then I saw it. Glancing at me across the room, winking at me, tugging on my leg and practically pleading for me to take it back. It’s only bloody Recyclogeddon again!
Yep, after pleading for horror stories last time and getting…well…one, I’ve decided to utilise my new found interactive skills on Google Docs to create a ‘collaberative’ document I’ve named the Book of Recyclogeddon. Basically, I want your horror stories, troubles with the council, whatever reason you can’t/won’t recycle. Then I’m going to send the document to the council and confront them with it and hopefully sort out this whole silly mess and get a good story out of it too. And hey, it’s your story too! Isn’t this just one lovely journalistic love circle where everyone can have a nice old slice of hot journalism pie?

Contribute Here!


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