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Hello everyone, and thank you for stumbling upon this goldmine/mire of Birmingham-based environmental rambles and rants. I’m a journalist, currently writing much more professionally for Birmingham Recycled and working within online journalism. This blog is basically me fumbling around in the relative dark of online journalism trying to find the lightswitch, whilst sharing my journalistic experiences with you.

To re-cap what I’ve done so far, I got all Sherlock Holmes on Birmingham City Council regarding stolen recycling boxes, blew it out of all proportion by calling it ‘Recyclogeddon’ and managed to confront the council on it.

I also got increasingly more aggressive at Birmingham City Council’s Recycling Champions, which started as a simple bit of inquisitivity and ended up as a Da Vinci Code-esque tale of smoke and mirrors. Eventually, I found some in Cambridge and Cheltenham, but I’m still very much on the hunt in Birmingham.

At the moment, I’m covering the General Elections in the Northfield area of Birmingham, which has stoked up my interest in politics again and allows me to write about important people.

Anyway, I’m on Twitter: @chrisjoseph897. If you like this blog, comment me. If you don’t like this blog, comment me. If you don’t like me…well, comment anyway but take it easy on the insults, I’m a sensitive soul. Thanks!


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